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With the pages of buyingahouse.co.nz you will find many agents broken into the different area of New Zealand. We have tried to make it easier on you by presenting one agent per brand per area. This was you have the variety of brand offerings without the sheer number of agents to look at.

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Are looking to buy or sell a house in New Zealand?

It always helps to have Real Estate Agent by your side.. but which one should you pick?

At www.newzealandpropertiesforsale.co.nz we have worked hard to give you some variety of choice whilst still making it easy to find the right agent for you in your area.

Please use our ‘Agent Search’ page to find one agent from each of the main brands to help you in your area. We know there are hundreds of good agents out there for you to choose from, we have simply narrowed it down a bit.

We hope this website makes the whole process of buying or selling a home easier for you and ultimately you find what you are looking for.


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